Hawaii cops fake being groped to accuse massage parlor workers of sexual assault


Honolulu police were saddened to learn that when one of their undercover officers grabs a woman's hand and places it on his penis, the woman is not guilty of sexual assault. Yesterday, a Honolulu prosecutor dismissed charges against 16 women arrested in a massage parlor sting because there was not enough evidence to establish that they committed sexual assault against the officers.

From Raw Story:

Myles Breiner, an attorney representing some of the women, said in at least one instance at a massage parlor called Orchid Relaxation, an officer disrobed, took the woman's hand and put it on his genitals.

"They're experimenting with the limits of the constitution," Breiner said after hearing that the charges were dropped. "Sex assault in the fourth degree is a nonconsensual touching of a sexual nature. How can you say it's not consensual when the officers are going into these establishments intending to be touched?"

Image of Orchid Relaxation: Google Street view. Take a walk around the neighborhood!