Politician proudly displays own penis in campaign ad


John Erik Wagner, 52, appears in a campaign advertisement in his native Copenhagen. The Metro reports that "Penis-flashing Wagner" is well-known for his stunts.

An investigation has been carried out to ensure the X-rated images were permissible, but city administrators apparently weren't convinced they would 'disrupt road users' attention'. … Suggested amendments in his manifesto are thought to include closing down Denmark's job centres, making health and dental care free, changing existing election legislation and passing laws to ensure all employees who work six months are entitled to a six month holiday.

Thelocal.dk reports that his latest attention-grabber isn't likely to get him the job.

The 52-year-old from the Copenhagen district of Amager has been running in parliamentary, local and regional elections since 2005. Most of that was with little attention but that changed in 2013 when he burst onto the stage in his customary cowboy get-up during a live televised municipal election debate to protest the exclusion of smaller parties.

"Why should we [smaller parties] sit here like extras in our own campaign? Huh? Can you tell me that? This is no fair election," he yelled during DR's broadcast before being escorted off the stage.

You can follow John on Twitter. Below, the uncensored image, as posted to his account.