Titled “We See What We Seek,” the tale behind this work of art captures perfectly what was so special to me about this event.

One of the many, many wonderful things at Bob Self and Erika Larson's incredible Beyond Brookledge event was this beautiful gift from artist Zelda Devon to each of the attendees.

I was lost and looking for Beyond Brookledge's registration table at the architectural wonder that is the Mission Inn when I nearly ran over a beautiful young woman with an incredible octopus tattoo. Turns out she too was lost, and looking for the same desk. She kindly forgave me with a huge smile and together we managed to find the desk, where Mark Frauenfelder and his daughter Jane were already signing in. I saw they had been handed a beautiful wood print. We were told it had been created by an artist named Zelda Devon, and we were each going to receive one.


The woman I'd nearly run over was next in line. With incredible serendipity, she told the check-in staff her name was "Zelda." With that stroke of luck, I was fortunate enough to have met an incredible artist and was able to get a bit of her time to talk.

Zelda is new to Los Angeles, and new to the community Bob and Erika have curated. She recently moved from New York, where she has been working as an independent artist for most of her career. In the city of fallen angels, Zelda is working for Disney. They are lucky to have her. Zelda has a had a long career creating beautiful art. I love everything on her website.

We See What We Seek

Zelda had not been to the event before, but captured the spirit of Beyond Brookledge perfectly in "We See What We Seek," an event that carries your imagination wherever you let it go. Her horned character and bird were used to decorate an impressive commemorative token as well. The beauty of that object encouraged me to start practicing coin sleights again.

Zelda was charming. Mark, Jane and I were all in awe of her work. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing more of it on Boing Boing. I'll certainly treasure this wood print.

The print was prepared by Prints on Wood, a local business in Riverside that we've also fallen for. We'll be working with them at our own event, the Weekend of Wonder.