Free set of collectable cards by some of our favorite artists


A number of our favorite artists have shared their vision of Kevin Segall's fantastic Collector's Shangri-La. Kevin would love to send you a set!

I share a lot of replica movie props, memorabilia and other detritus of my life lived in front of the screen. Collector's Shangri-La is a dream come true. The collection is so vast, and varied, that I easily get lost browsing the site, just as the cards depict!


I really enjoyed the Jim Woodring and Ragnar images that we've shared here, the rest of the collection is equally awesome! Molly Crabapple, Brandi Milne, Richard Sala, Mike Allred, Ryan Heshka, Amanda Visell, KRK Ryden, Tony Millionaire, and Peter Bagge have also contributed lovely work.

Simply send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Kevin and his team. They'd love to send you a set!

Artists Visions of Collector's Shangri-La