Hollywood actor in Syria "mentally unstable" and in danger

Jordan Matson, A U.S. recruiter for Kurdish fighters against Syria, just posted a warning on Facebook that volunteer Michael Enright "is in danger of being killed" and needs to be retrieved "before it's too late."

51-year-old Enright, a British actor whose roles include a deckhand in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, has been fighting with the Kurds against ISIS in Syria with dozens of other Westerners, but seems to have become "mentally unstable," according to Matson.

The recruiter says Enright is acting irresponsibly, getting himself "kicked out of four different fighting units" and "is in danger of being killed by one of many westerners and Kurds who want to bury him." But rather than leave where he's not wanted, Enright put a gun barrel in his mouth and "threatened to kill himself if he was sent home."

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