Play it now: You Are A Hoverboard


You Are A Hoverboard, by Chris Wade, is a few loveable steps beyond your usual physics toy: It's a world where animal friends open their hearts to help you out, and everything is going to be okay.

There are two different kinds of "sick" in You Are A Hoverboard; your mom is sick, and you have to do sick flips to raise money for her care. Using simple keyboard controls, you putter and flip your fun futuristic hoverboard over bright neon hills, leaving bright green contrails in your wake. There's a sweet track from Klaus Veen, a giant giraffe stands sentinel over the landscape, and as you twirl and roll the board around, owls and canaries and anteaters ad things pop up to compliment you and to volunteer funds toward your mom's health. Isn't that nice?

I don't think you can lose. No matter what, after you've had your flippy fun, your mom is going to be okay! Love prevails, the game tells you. Yes, I'm a soft touch and a simple heart, but this one cheered me up today, and I hope it cheers you up, too. You Are A Hoverboard is free at

(We found it via Warp Door, an essential resource for the kind of games we discerning Offworlders prefer).