Spend the night on robotic beds that roam around a London art gallery


Prefer to appreciate fine art in bed? You are in luck: Carsten Höller's latest installation features two motorized beds that slowly travel through London's Hayward Gallery over the course of the night.

The exhibit runs June 10-September 6 and it costs £300 to book the two beds overnight. Guests will get access to all of Höller's exhibits (including a 50 foot slide), complimentary tea or coffee, a shower, and "a set of dream-enhancing toothpastes to induce and influence male- and female-oriented dreams," which were designed by Höller himself.

The Guardian has more details:

German artist Höller, who originally trained as an agricultural scientist, is renowned for turning art galleries into playgrounds full of adults and children, making them shriek with glee and occasionally terror. Visitors queued for hours in 2007 to go on his giant slides which shot them from the top level to the ground floor of Tate Modern's enormous Turbine Hall.

In his latest exhibition, Carsten Holler: Decision, the artist says his Two Roaming Beds (Grey) introduce "a moment of uncertainty", where the sleepers can't be sure the place where they close their eyes will be the same place they wake up.

Ralph Rugoff, the director of the Hayward and curator of the exhibition, says the show will be "mind-boggling" and promised – or perhaps warned – prospective overnighters: "On awakening they may find that the Hayward will never look the same again."

You can learn more (and book tickets!) on Höller's website.