Snoop Dogg sues Pabst


The rapper is hauling the beermaker into court following the sale of a subsidiary, claiming he's owed.

The Associated Press reports that a three-year agreement to endorse Pabst's fruity Colt 45 line may entitle Snoop Dogg to a portion of the sale price.

His contract also called on the rapper to consult with Colt 45's marketing team at least once a year on how he could integrate Blast by Colt 45 into his concerts, interviews and social media posts. Snoop Dogg received an upfront payment of $250,000 and an additional $20,000 for every 10th mention of the beer on social media, TV or during a concert.

The contract also called for the rapper to receive a royalty on each case of Blast by Colt 45 that was sold.

Pabst wrote in a statement that it had not been contacted by Snoop Dogg or his representatives about the proceeds and cited the company's new management.

I feel that it's time I had my own officially-licensed range of strangely delicious, slightly dangerous beverages.