Squirrel assault shuts down power in SF's East Bay


In a clandestine raid last night, squirrels shut down an El Cerrito, CA substation in the San Francisco Bay Area. The assault on the power infrastructure interrupted regional transportation, and left 45,000 humans helpless. Only one rodent life was lost.

CBS San Francisco reports:

Officials said a squirrel caused a massive outage that left more than 40,000 East Bay Pacific Gas & Electric customers in the dark Monday night.

The utility told KPIX 5 that a squirrel got into the El Cerrito substation and damaged equipment around 8:00 p.m. Monday night, leading to an outage that impacted 45,000 customers at its peak. The squirrel did not survive.

It may have been the heat, simply driving a single squirrel to suicide among the power lines, coincidentally robbing power from thousands. But I fear this signals dark times.