Little boy dies after ingesting cinnamon. Mom wants “to let people know cinnamon can kill”

The coroner said Matthew's death was accidental, and that cinnamon can cause asphyxiation when inhaled.

Army doctor who trained U.S. troops suspended for macabre, ketamine-assisted sexual experiments

Holy crap, this Reuters story by John Shiffman is bonkers. Trigger warning for sex, violence, animal abuse, sexual abuse, and surgery. And that should give you an idea of how insane it is.

Watch how some restaurants sneakily craft “steaks” from lesser parts using “meat glue”

Some lower-quality eateries are actually passing off 'formed steaks' melded from lower-quality scraps as the real deal. Here's how they do it.

NASA's new flying saucer-shaped LDSD Mars lander tech completes second test flight

The saucer-shaped craft that may help NASA do more on Mars splashed down Monday in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.

McKinney “Pool Party” police officer Eric Casebolt resigns after video of teen abuse goes viral

“I had 12 officers on the scene and 11 of them performed according to their training,” the local police chief said at a press conference today.

Mom gives her 16-year-old daughter's nipple-exposing crop top to cat, takes photo

A mother was unhappy with the $(removed) knit crop top her daughter purchased on Amazon, and put the garment on the family cat instead. Her verdict: "Do not buy this, even for your cat."

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Duggars hired Huckabee’s political guru to manage PR for Josh's sexual molestation scandal

The power connections between the Duggar family and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee run deep.

If the FBI has a backdoor to Facebook or Apple encryption, we are less safe

It seems pretty clear the next battle in Congress will almost certainly be over encryption.

Program a strange, corrupted computer and discover its secrets

It's the assembly language puzzle game that nobody asked for!

The Secret Box magic trick- A small metal can rattles but nothing can be found inside

The Secret Box ($(removed)) is a small metal canister with a lid. Hold it between your fingers and shake it. It will rattle. Hand it to a spectator and ask them to shake it. They will feel and hear something inside the canister. Open the canister and show the spectator that nothing is inside - it is empty. Replace the lid and shake it again. It rattles. Open the canister and hand both pieces to the spectator. They can inspect it as carefully as they want. They won’t find anything out of the ordinary.

Watch another video here.

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Use this one weird trick to earn 1/5th of a penny: pee in a toilet

The city of Ahmedabad, India is encouraging people to use public toilets rather than relieve themselves in the open. They will receive 1 rupee (1/5th of a penny) each time they use the toilet.

Pravin Patel, AMC standing committee chairman, said repeat public urinators and defecators will be "identified and encouraged" to use the toilets.

"The idea behind this project is to prevent open defecation in parts of the city where people, despite having public toilets, defecate in the open," Patel said.

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Snoop Dogg sues Pabst

The rapper is hauling the beermaker into court following the sale of a subsidiary, claiming he's owed. Read the rest

$370 concrete chair a "must for industrial settings"

For people who really want their Ballardian accessories cold and brutal. It's based on the classic Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair. [Gessato via Uncrate] Read the rest

Treat yourself to a playful series of mysterious packages

The Mysterious Package Company will send you or a friend weird surprises that slowly form a story over time.

Eva Braun's underwear reportedly alive and well in Ohio

Monogrammed underwear supposedly belonging to Eva Braun can be yours. Read the rest

US Army homepage hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

The US Army took down its homepage on Monday following an attack by the Syrian Electronic Army. Other government sites, including US Strategic Command, were also down. Posted messages included "Your commanders admit they are training the people they have sent you to die fighting" and "Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army" (according to the SEA Twitter feed).

At Ars Technica, Sean Gallagher reports that the internet defacement appeared to be accomplished through a third-party vendor's systems.

Based on screenshots published in the Syrian Electronic Army's Twitter account, it appears the attack gained access to the webpage through the Limelight Networks content delivery network. A screenshot shows a Limelight control panel for the account belonging to the US Army Office of Public Affairs. [Update: A spokesperson from Limelight contacted by Ars said, "We take security concerns extremely seriously and, in an abundance of caution, we are conducting a full investigation. At this point we have no reason to believe any customer data has been compromised."]

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Interview with the guy who stole moon rocks from NASA so he could have sex with his girlfriend on them

In 2002 a 25-year-old NASA intern named Thad Roberts stole 17 pounds of moon rocks so he could have sex on the moon with his girlfriend. After he was caught selling the used rocks on the Internet, he spent 100 months in prison. Live Science interviewed Roberts in 2011.

What was it like to possess those moon rocks? Was the experience worth the consequences?

Time is the most valuable asset of the human experience. I, like many others, am filled with awe when I reflect upon how those rocks demonstrate humanity's limitless potential, or when I ponder the romantic expression that they poetically embody. But that awe does not live within those rocks. It belongs to all of us. From experience I can say that there are more appropriate, and more productive, ways to come face-to-face with our magnificent insignificance than stealing a piece of the moon. You can ponder the vast reaches of space and time as you peer through a telescope at Orion's Great Nebula, or you can simply breathe in the experience of being in love. Whatever you do, don't repeat my mistakes.

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