Broga: Yoga for Bros

"Linebacker II"

"Linebacker II" []

Manly mindfulness for mellow macho muscle men.

Designer and illustrator Hannah Rothstein (previously) created this fabulous gag: BROGA.


"Shotgunasana" []

From the Broga website:

With a lifestyle of pounding beers, impressing chicks, and getting yolked, there's no one that needs to bliss out more than bros. To make enlightenment accessible to the brotastic brethren, this new workout craze adapts yoga to the bro culture. So grab a mat, settle into Manchild's pose, and prepare to channel the mantra of Broga: Breathe in, bro out.

There are t-shirts, too.

"Video Gamekasana"

"Video Gamekasana" []

In this time-honored yoga tradition Just For Men, you'll be guided through a sequence that begins with Video Gamekasana…

Sit in front of large screen with the bottoms of your feet touching and your knees bent. Turn on X-Box and pick up controller. Inhale. Exhale. Show those motherfuckers who's boss.

…and ends with "Shitfaceasana or Corpse Pose."

This is your final pose, your resting pose. After a night of partying, fall to the floor with limbs sprawled wide. If still cognizant after five minutes, roll onto your side so you don't choke on your puke. Breathe deeply and pass out, bro—you've done great work today.

"Manchild's Pose"