Koala baby won't let go of mom while she undergoes surgery. Both survived being hit by a car.


A heart-melting story and series of photographs out of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. A 6-month-old koala joey named Phantom keeps clinging to his mother Lizzy while veterinary surgeons operate on her.

Mom Lizzy was undergoing treatment for a collapsed lung.


From the Courier Mail, which reprinted photos supplied by the zoo:

The pair miraculously survived being hit by a car on the Warrego Highway at Coominya, west of Brisbane.

Mother and son did not break any bones and Phantom, who weighs only 420 grams, was almost untouched.

But Lizzy's collapsed lung had to be drained at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and she remains on antibiotics.

Phantom was by her side throughout the procedure, climbing mum's back and cuddling the groggy patient.

You can donate to the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital to support their efforts.


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