Teacher who set "sex toy selfie" homework suspended

If you told your high school students to go home and take selfies of themselves with their parents' sex toys, various interesting outcomes could result.

Whichever one was on the mind of Wing-Wah Leung, of Encinal High School in California, it obscured the most inevitable an obvious result of all: getting suspended from his job when one of the kids actually does it.

[Leung] reportedly set the task as 'extra credit' for his students, but meant it as a joke and didn't expect any pupils to take the work seriously.

'It was to go into your parents' private drawers or whatever to seek out sexual toys or condoms, or anything of that nature and to take a selfie with it', mum Kimberly Cobene said.

The joke backfired when one of Leung's pupils took it seriously and showed off his work in class, resulting in the teacher's suspension.