Things to know BEFORE you adopt a Great Pyrenees


Thinking about adopting an amazing pal, like my Nemo? Great Pyrenees are not like other dogs, and these tips from It's Dog or Nothing are a must read.

2. Obedience is not a priority. I have seen several articles circulate recently stating that the Great Pyrenees is one of the dumbest dog breeds. This couldn't be further from the truth. As a livestock guardian, a Great Pyrenees had to learn to work independently from humans. An adult, working pyr does not need to be told how to do his job and this translates to house pyrs as well. Pyrs like to do things at their own pace and on their own time. While you may see a Golden Retriever plop into a 'down' in half a second, a pyr will take his time to slowly position his body. Being off-leash is typically not an option for this breed as well. Their independence causes them to roam and only a fence can keep them contained. You cannot teach a pyr to stay on your property as he feels his property is as far as he can wander.

I love Nemo. He is an amazing, hyper intelligent, super independent sweetheart. He is both far more and far less work than any other dog I've ever lived with. If you are ready for the challenge, it is incredibly rewarding. If you are not prepared for a Great Pyrenees things will be very, very sad.

If you are thinking of adopting a Pyr, be prepared. You'll need an iron will and a strong body check. The dog will bring the love, don't worry.