This game will make your morning coffee seem kind of scary

I think Keurig machines are awful—it's like fussing with a rocket launcher to make a small, bitter cup of plastic-tasting coffee. Even their own pod creator regrets spawning them (and their plausible associated environmental hazards).

A new interactive fiction game called Morning Rituals, by Lucas J.W. Johnson, has some fun with the hulking, blinking, nearly-sentient coffee machine, with its tedious lever and demanding water tank. The player is compelled to approach it and to go through its motions multiple times per day til the act starts to seem dark. No spoilers or anything, but this type of obeisance is pretty ritualistic.


Morning Rituals is a well-made Twine game, in that while it's mostly text (besides a leering image of the K-machine, whose color of light you can select), the system you engage with has a sense of permanence, and the repetition of interacting with it helps the player inhabit the fiction. It costs just $1.33, is playable in your browser, and links inside the game itself go to wonderful YouTube tracks by Devin Vibert you can optionally enjoy alongside.

I recommend sending it as a little gift to that friend, relative or co-worker who is always moaning sepulchrally about being shackled to their coffee machine.