This hilarious topical guessing game is ten bucks and fits in your pocket


I really like party card games that are not sniggering, low-hanging Cards Against Humanity type things. If you, too, like to use cards to create spontaneous fun conversation and arguments among your friends, we've recommended The Metagame to you in the past, and now we've a new occasion to recommend you check out Monikers, too.

Monikers, as you can grok from this video, is a guessing game that organially creates its own hilarious internal language as you play multiple rounds with friends. You need to get your teammates to guess the name on each of your cards, and as the rounds progress, you have increasing restrictions on how to describe the same thing. The result is often a memorable series of ridiculous gestures you can add to your social vocabulary, and who doesn't want that?


The original Monikers has been out for a bit now and has been "inexplicably sort of a small hit", according to its creators, who are now making a new expansion called Monikers: Shmonikers—which either enhances the original deck or can exist as an attainable $10 standalone you can currently get via Kickstarter.

Because I am a big fan, I agreed to volunteer a name of a thing for a card in the expansion. I have not decided what thing to name yet. Please hit the big DISCUSS button if you want to leave me some suggestions.