Watch this cute missing dog reunite with her U.S. veteran owner after 5 years apart


Praise pet microchipping!

Army major Jessica Gutierrez left her teacup poodle puppy Cookies Chanel (DAT NAME!) with a sister in New Mexico five years ago, just before deploying in Afghanistan. Cookies vanished while Gutierrez was serving. Gutierrez believed she'd see Cookies again. But Cookies recently and inexplicably turned up in San Diego. Nobody knows how she got there. But she returned to Gutierrez Wednesday, escorted on a flight from San Diego.

From KMBC-TV, Kansas City:

The teacup poodle, now 7, looks a little bit different.

"All of her coat was black five years ago and now it's gray," Gutierrez said.

The dog still remembered her mother.

"I actually didn't expect her to remember me, so that was on the back of my mind," she said. "But she did."

Gutierrez got her puppy microchipped on the day she adopted her, which enabled people in San Diego to link Cookies to her rightful owner.