YouTube star comes out as gay in powerful video


Ingrid Nilsen (aka Miss Glamorazzi) is a makeup guru who has racked up more than 3 million subscribers with her fun, upbeat YouTube videos that focus on beauty, style, and food. Her latest upload, however, takes on a more personal topic

: Over the course of a 19-minute video, Nilsen reveals she is gay. She touches on the fact that she understood her preference for girls from a young age, but as she grew up she learned to suppress her feelings in order to fit into her family's expectations.

Nilsen doesn't steer away from tricky topics, like explaining the relationships she's had with the men she dated while she was in the closet. She openly discusses the shame and guilt she's felt over the years as well as her idea of a "glass wall" that separated her from her friends because of her secret.

Mostly, however, Nilsen discusses how difficult it was for her to decide to come out and how happy and relieved she is now that she has. Her honesty is incredibly powerful and will hopefully inspire her legion of young fans to be open about who they are too.