A tempting offer

Spotted outside Fix Coffee on Whitecross Street in London. Read the rest

Apple introduces new font: “San Francisco.” Shoulda been called “Francisco Sans.“

The new sans-serif was today made available to devs working on next-gen apps for iOS 9, OS X El Capitan and watchOS 2.

Historic photographs transformed into surreal animated GIFs by Nicolas Monterrat

The past, set into motion.

Women Are Needed: WWII-era U.S. government poster art, 1943.

Women are needed in “hundreds of war jobs.”

Short film: 'Discovery' (Valeris)

Director: Maxime Dardenne. Read the rest

Anti-surveillance steamroller still rolling through Congress

The USA Freedom Act set the first legal limits on spying in a generation, and were immediately followed by 3 more surveillance-blocking amendments from the House, and now, a week later, there's 2 more bipartisan curbs on surveillance. Read the rest

California drought: State orders historic water cuts for farmers

“The state is reaching back more than a century in the hierarchy of California water rights,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Dramatic video of storm supercell and mesocyclone: “Art of the Storm,” Nicolaus Wegner

“Time lapse, one second intervals. Canon 5dmII. Wide angle lenses.”

Watch the otherworldly beauty of a squid giving birth

"Born Like Stars" (2011) by Brent Hoff. Read the rest

'Arrangements,' Emily Blincoe: assorted objects neatly arranged

Why do these little tableaus of neatness delight us so?

Watch paleontologist critique dinosaur toys

Columbia University paleontologist Paul Olsen: "Absolutely nothing about this... is even vaguely correct." Read the rest

Startled Cat is startled: A photo shared in our Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

Look at those eyes.

Fury Road Ponies: Guzziline is Magic!

Artist Kelsey Wailes (Etsy) modded a set of Mad Max: Fury Road My Little Ponies of outstanding glory. Read the rest

Roscoe the Goldendoodle rides off on his ATV like he's not even a dog (but he is)

You can't fool us, Roscoe you rascal you. Read the rest

Awesome low poly masks by TetraVariations

Inexpensive designs that you can use to make your own wonderfully weird low poly masks, with nothing more than paper and glue. Read the rest

Stunning body paint portraits shared by a reader in the Boing Boing Flickr pool

Boing Boing reader Drew Pion shot these wonderful images.

Every tabloid wants to die for its virtues

You may have heard that a lawsuit targeting Gawker, over its posting of a Hulk Hogan sex tape, is going to trial, and that Gawker may have a long and unpleasant fight ahead of it. The Awl explains it best: in numbers! Read the rest

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