Stroller on a longboard

Quinny — a high-end stroller-maker — has announced a limited run of strollers mounted on longboards, capable of supporting adults up to 100kg and kids up to 15kg.

The strollers are only in the EU, presumably due to some quirk of its baby-equipment safety rules ("This product was not designed for other territories, notably in to North America, Australia, or New Zealand, and this longboardstroller is not intended for use in those territories"). They're starting with a limited run of 1,000 strollers, which will cost €600 each.

We owned a Quinny stroller when our kid was smaller and it was actually pretty great. It went on to a friend with a newborn when our kid outgrew it, and has been passed on for a third time, so they're pretty durable, too.

Quinny longboardstroller – fusing longboarding & strollers

(Thanks, Yasuko!)