A robot, a dog, and a Pop Tart.

Good luck not laughing when you watch this one. Read the rest

Daddy daughter beatboxing

La Guardia Cross, a first-time dad, lays down some fat beats with his 7-month-old baby girl. Read the rest

Plugable dock lets you power everything from a single USB-C port

My nephew got the new Macbook, with its single USB-C port. I wondered what Apple was thinking. Our friends at Plugable wondered too, but unlike me, they are doing something about it -- Kickstarting a USB-C universal docking station. Read the rest

Dog plays dead very effectively

Bang! Someone give that German Shepherd an Oscar, or at least a doggie treat. Read the rest

Raided Santa Ana pot shop sues police, says mayor solicits bribes from marijuana dispensaries

The suit charges Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido with soliciting bribes for preferential treatment.

Space in ultra-high def: NASA releases 4K video from International Space Station

An unprecedented look at what it's like to live and work aboard the ISS.

This bored cat effortlessly balances any object you place on its foot

Gaigai Wuwu the cat is a such a boss, he can balance things in his sleep.

Our friends at Laughing Squid have many more photos of Gaigai Wuwu showing off. Read the rest

Get high-end Fulltouch blackboard chalk from Japan before it disappears forever

The Blackwing of chalks, Fulltouch is beloved of mathematicians who despair now that the manufacturer, Hagoromo, is out of business.

Gizmodo's Sarah Zhang explains this legendary … chalk.

The first thing you notice is a shiny, clear coating on the outside — it feels like a thin layer of enamel. That sounds like a minor design element, but it cuts down on the biggest annoyance with chalk: dusty fingers.

Academics are breathless with awe at this incredible … chalk. Satyan Devadoss, a Williams College math professor, writes of the "Dream chalk."

There have been rumors about a dream chalk, a chalk so powerful that mathematics practically writes itself; a chalk so amazing that no incorrect proof can be written using this chalk. I can finally say, after months of pursuit, that such a chalk indeed exists.

I have just bought a $60 box of chalk.

I do not own a blackboard.

Hagoromo Fulltouch White Chalk 72pcs [Amazon referral link]

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Three Little Pigs' houses built at site of terrible pig truck crash

After a pig truck crashed in Xenia, Ohio last week, killing about half of the 2,200 piglets in the trailer, someone built three houses on the side of the road inspired by the Three Little Pigs. Read the rest

Comic about how a man and his dog invented velcro

Over at Backchannel, Andy Warner's comic about how in 1941 a Swiss electrical engineer returned from a hike with his dog in the Alps and came up with velcro. Read the rest

How I store and organize my magic tricks

I use the Stanley SortMaster Junior Organizer to keep my magic tricks organized. It has removable dividers so I can change the size of the compartments, and you can stack and carry up to three organizers at one.

Stanley SortMaster Junior Organizer ($(removed)) on Amazon

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FDA bans trans fat from American food products

Food manufacturers have until 2018 to remove all trans fat from their products.

Jed Clampett for President: what he thinks of the other candidates

Even though he is a fictional character and the actor who portrayed him is resting in peace, Jed Clampett has some opinions about the other candidates.

Actual campaign quotes [from episodes of Beverly Hillbillies]:

[On Scott Walker] "That boy tramples on the truth worse than he did back home. He was such a liar then, he used to have to get somebody else to call his dog fer him."

[On Rick Santorum] "Ricks's a nice young feller, but if brains was lard, he wouldn't grease too big a pan."

[On trying to understand Jeb Bush's position on the Iraq invasions] "Harder than braiding a mule's tail during fly season."

[To Chris Christie during a debate] "You're makin’ more racket than an empty wagon on a froze-over road."

[On Donald Trump] "Bein’ with him is about as much fun as watching ice melt."

[On Rick Perry] "He couldn't pour sand out of his boot if you wrote the instructions on the heel."

Image by Tim Nyberg Read the rest

CNN interview with author of discredited Sunday Times story on Snowden is painful to watch

If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so now.

Nintendo used to design Super Mario levels on graph paper

Back in the day, every question mark block, goomba, and mushroom was sketched out by hand.

Another Anti-Vax GOP "leader" says dumb things in California

After saying "What we need to make sure in Sacramento is we’re making decisions based on logic and sound data.” Kristin Olsen then goes on to ignore the mountains of data proving California's highly educated stay-at-home anti-vaxxers are creating real trouble. Think Progress shares the story. Read the rest

FBI and DoJ investigating whether St. Louis Cardinals hacked networks of rival Houston Astros baseball team

Prosecutors say officials hacked into a rival's internal networks to steal valuable private data on players.

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