Owner of "Relentlessly Gay" yard raising money to make yard MOAR GHEY

When Baltimore's Julie Baker hung some rainbow-colored solar lights in her yard, a helpful neighbor slipped a charming note through her door chastising her for her "Relentlessly Gay" yard, threatening to call the police unless it came into compliance with the "Christian" neighborhood ethic. Read the rest

Bernie Sanders is brilliant on inequality

"In the last 35 or 40 years, there has been an increasingly aggressive effort on the part of the top 1 percent to take it all. And that aggression has not been effectively countered by middle-class and working families." Read the rest

Seattle's tent cities

Seattle has America's fourth-largest homeless population and virtually everything homeless people do is illegal in Washington State, which has added 288 new offenses related to homelessness to its statute-books since 2000 -- amazingly, this did not convince those homeless people to stop being homeless. Read the rest

American Gods will be a TV series

Starz has greenlit a TV series based on Neil Gaiman's outstanding contemporary fantasy novel American Gods, in which all the gods of antiquity must find their way in America, coping with modernity and new ways of believing. Read the rest

Endless Gravity: short film that explores the beauty of deep ocean life

“No VFX used, this is magical nature,” says Alex Soloviev, who created this short film. “It's like a live cosmos, unbelievable smooth moves, eternity and meditation.” Read the rest

Laser cut bamboo drone

It's called the Booboo.

Discovery of worm neuron that senses Earth's magnetic field

Worms have a specific antenna-shaped neuron that senses the Earth's magnetic field, enabling the transparent nematode to know up from down when it's in the ground. Read the rest

Man who has served 4 years in prison for possession of 2 joints must serve at least 10 years

Bernard Noble of New Orleans was found guilty of drug possession when he was 12, and again when he was 24. When he got caught with two joints four years ago, Louisiana's habitual offender law kicked in and Noble, now 48, received a 13-year prison sentence. He applied for clemency but Gov. Bobby Jindal denied the appeal because Nobel had not yet served 10 years in prison, which he feels Nobel must serve for the crime of being caught with two joints.

From Tony Papa's piece in Alternet:

Bernard's sentence is a prime example of the draconian nature of the marijuana laws in many states across the country. In stark contrast to Louisiana, many states have decriminalized possession of marijuana for personal use, with the offense being punishable by a fine and with no threat of jail time.

Read the rest

NASA: We're headed for Jupiter's moon Europa

Europa is considered one of the most promising places in the solar system to search for signs of present-day life.

Trailer for Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's new show!

In "Documentary Now!" Fred Armisen and Bill Hader take the piss out of serious documentary films. Read the rest

Travel organizer for your gadgets: Grid-It Cocoon

This grid of rubberized woven elastic straps stores cables, batteries, pens, card decks, earbud sets, flashlights, and other small items. Things will not slip out because the straps are rubbery. It's 9.5 inches by 7.5 inches and will fit in a laptop case or carry-on bag.

Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer Case ($(removed)) on Amazon

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Watch: 400 years of hats

GQ looks at the last four centuries of fashion in men's hats. And yes, it includes the porkpie hat from Breaking Bad. Read the rest

Kickass flashlight

The $70 Nitecore MH2C outputs 800 lumens and gets outstanding reviews, and even though it uses those pain-in-the-ass CR123A batteries; you can also use 18650s which you can recharge over USB. (via Canopy) Read the rest

Republican plaintiff says Obama is a bad man for allowing Republicans to call it "Obamacare"

David M. King is pig-biting mad that Obama refers to the Affordable Care Act as "Obamacare," even though it was a term designed by his fellow Republicans to humiliate the President. King is one of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case that will determine the constitutionality of the act. Read the rest

Make tasty soft-serve ice cream at home with delicious dry ice

This neat video from ChefSteps shows an interesting frozen dessert experiment for geek chefs.

A simple technique for making amazing soft serve at home, no fancy gadgets required.

Here's what you will need: some dry ice, and your trusty stand mixer. Never worked with dry ice? You can often buy some, cheaply, at your local supermarket or at a big box store like Walmart or Sam's Club. From there you just need to crush it up and slowly incorporate it into your ice cream base, and within moments you'll wind up with a soft, delightful treat you can transfer to a piping bag and squeeze into cones for your friends and family. Make sure to stock up on sprinkles—we have a feeling this is going to be a big soft-serve summer at your house.

More here. And visit ChefSteps.com for more videos, recipes, classes, and techniques.

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John Oliver commissions Helen Mirren to narrate an audiobook of the CIA Torture Report

Despite a hard-fought battle to publish the CIA Torture Report, very few people have read it, including some of the report's starring villains. Read the rest

DuckDuckGo search engine traffic increases 600% since Snowden revelations

A search engine that doesn't track user data is growing like crazy, with three billion searches a year.

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