Scientists are thinking of calling this cute octopus "adorabilis"


What Latin species designation do you give an orange-pink octopus that resembles a Pac-Man ghost or Pearl from Finding Nemo? Why, adorabilis of course!

Stephanie Bush of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute said that after a year of study she is preparing to submit a report to a scientific review that would confer a name on the species, a form of Flapjack octopus.

"New species are discovered every year, not all of them get described, it can take a lot of time, years sometimes," she said.

Some other species have been deemed adorable — such as Lophornis adorabilis, the White-crested Coquette hummingbird — and Bush said: "I don't see any obvious reason why it would be inappropriate … it's easy to pronounce and popular with the public."

Pink octopus so cute it may be named 'adorabilis'

Image: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute