Watch what happens when you pour different kinds of molten metals into water

"I've been pouring 7 different metals into a 24" tall aquarium over the weekend, and the results have been super cool," says YouTuber Backyard Scientist about this great video he made which demonstrates the leidenfrost effect.



He explains,

I poured metals with different melting points to see if they had any different effects when they came in contact with water. From Pewter (350f/170c) all the way to Thermite (4000f/2204c). Some of them exploded, some of them sank and made molten metal drippy-castles, but they were all interesting. Here is a list of metals I used, and their melting points:

Pewter 338–446 °F – 170–230 °C
Tin – 449.5°F (231.9°C)
Bismuth – 520.6°F (271.4°C)
Lead – 621.5°F (327.5°C)
Zinc – 787.2°F (419.5°C)
Aluminum – 1,221°F (660.3°C)
Iron – 2,800°F (1,538°C) 4000f (2200 C) Reaction

I don't have anything against the usage of celsius, or aluminiuminum. Im not calling you communists either, im just messing with you guys because you always yell about my pronunciation ;) (but seriously its aluminum in America!)

I poured in the metals as soon as they were fully liquid, so they could not raise too far above the melting point and skew the results. This video is a great demonstration of the leidenfrost effect.

[Video Link]