Vlogbrothers launch their own podcast


Having already mastered the world of YouTube, Hank and John Green (aka the Vlogbrothers) are now moving into the realm of podcasting as well.

Dear Hank & John lets the brothers be a little more relaxed and conversational than they are in their videos. And while their YouTube stuff is tightly edited, Dear Hank & John is meandering in the best way. They spend most of each episode answering listener questions about everything from the objectivity of media to whether or not they’ll attend a fan’s wedding. Then they wrap up by discussing the latest news about two of their favorite respective topics: Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the 4th tier English football club). Their conversations are a good mix of silly and serious with a healthy dose of the humanism that has made them so popular.

So far they’ve only released two episodes, but it looks like they’ll be releasing a new one every week or so. You can find Dear Hank & John on iTunes and Soundcloud.