Little baby piglet really likes being scratched

Those grunts. Read the rest

Shark cloud eats other clouds

Yeah, yeah, pareidolia, but damn that's amazing. Read the rest

HOWTO make retractable origami ninja stars

These colorful shuriken (retractable ninja stars) by YouTuber ProudPaperOfficial are surprisingly easy to make. Read the rest

Experimental fluorescent lamb with jellyfish DNA unintentionally eaten

Ruby was a brightly colored lamb with transparent skin. She carried jellyfish DNA and belonged to "Green Sheep," a research project in France studying the effects of implants on humans. She was then maliciously sold to a slaughterhouse along with non-GMO sheep by disgruntled employees of the project. She has since been sold as food to unsuspecting diners.

It was then sold by the slaughterhouse to an unnamed individual in October 2014, though it's not clear how many people may have eaten it. INRA says the genetically modified lamb poses no health risk to humans, though it has asked French prosecutors to investigate the incident, following an internal investigation that it launched in December.

The employees could face one year in prison and a fine of approximately $83,000.

  Read the rest

Fascinating guide to antique space maps (Also, the Earth is square)

Above, a map of the "Square and Stationary Earth" (1893) by a Professor Orlando Ferguson of Hot Springs, South Dakota. Read the rest

Site for rainy day chillout any day

Longing for a relaxing rainy day? Open a window with and feel your stress dissipate. Discover relaxing music by clicking the random song option to overlay on your rain. Read the rest

AP: photos of Ted Cruz with gun pointed at head not intended to be negative

Oops. Read the rest

Engineers mimic owl wings to reduce wind turbine noise

Aeroacoustics expert Nigel Peake of Cambridge University leads a group of engineers mimicking owl wing feathers to reduce noise on wind turbines. Read the rest

California's classic black license plate is back!

Legislation sponsored by Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Gatto is returning these iconic license plates to the street. LA Times shares the story. Read the rest

Incredible tiny tentacles for microrobots

This is microrobotic tentacle grabbing an ant. Iowa State University engineers developed the spiraling microrobotic pneumatic tentacles, just 8 millimeters long and less than a hundredth of an inch wide, as a delicate gripper for tiny medical robots that could manipulate tissue or even blood vessels inside our bodies. Read the rest

Chuck Palahniuk reads children's book 'Fight Club 4 Kids'

"We'll call it the Horsing Around Club, and we'll just f***in' go to town on each other, just visceral disturbing sh*t, y'know?" The only thing that would be better than Chuck Palahniuk reading Fight Club 4 Kids would be if this book were real. (via) Read the rest

Mother enraged over creases that remind her of genitalia on teddy bears

Sharon Green is madder than a snail in a salt mine over a christening cake she purchased that has teddy bears with creases that remind her of female genitalia. She is demanding a refund.

A spokesman for the cake shop says: "The small bear on top of the cake is exactly that — a teddy bear — and the crease on its stomach is supposed to represent the seam where the bear is sewn together. Read the rest

Virginia governor: take the Confederate flag off our license plates

Terry McAuliffe announced the decision today, citing the recent killing of nine people at a black church by a white supremacist.

“Even its display on state issued license tags is, in my view, unnecessarily divisive and hurtful to too many of our people,” McAuliffe said in a statement.

McAuliffe said he's asked Attorney General Mark Herring to take steps to reverse a 2002 federal court decision that said Virginia could not block the Confederate Veterans from displaying its logo -- which includes the Confederate flag -- on state license plates.

At the same time, McAuliffe has asked his secretary of transportation to replace the plates depicting the flag.

“These steps will, I hope, make clear that this Commonwealth does not support the display of the Confederate battle flag or the message it sends to the rest of the world," McAuliffe said in a statement.

The move will ensure that vehicles such as the one pictured above will no longer promote the divisive emblem, symbolic of racism and slavery, on their number plates.

The move follows the announced removal of the flag from store shelves and South Carolina's government buildings. Several states offer similar plates; the Supreme Court ruled last week that states could refuse to issue them. Read the rest

eBay forbids woman from selling property on the Sun

Alex Boese has a great article on About Entertainment on the history of people who claimed ownership of stars, moons, and planets and then sold deeds to plots of land on the heavenly bodies. And they had buyers!

In 2013, Maria Angeles Duran began selling plots of land on eBay. That, in itself, isn't unusual, but the land she was selling was located on the sun. She offered square-meter plots for the price of 1 euro each. By 2015, she had over 600 buyers, but then eBay pulled the plug on her, saying her auctions violated its "intangible goods" policy.

Duran didn't take this lying down. She sued the auction site for violation of contract, arguing that the sun is, indeed, a tangible object, and a Spanish court agreed to hear her case.

The Weird News Guide to Extraterrestrial Real Estate: Meet the people who own the sun, moon, and all planets everywhere Read the rest

Etch-a-sketch-ish pop-culture prints

Adam Lister's prints capture classic moments from fine art and popular culture, rendered in colored, overlapping rectangles. Read the rest

You'll falafel about this horrifying new pita-sized crypto-key-sniffing hack

I nearly falafel my chair when I read about the Israeli researchers who've designed a device that can derive crypto keys from the unintentional radio signals emitted by a computer's CPU—and miniaturized it until it can fit into a pita. Read the rest

Jail starves mentally ill man to death, Sheriff is "sorry"

Alternet reports that Farris "had no prior criminal record but had struggled with a history of mental illness."

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