Courtney Love attacked by anti-Uber rioters in Paris


Courtney Love was in the wrong place at the wrong time earlier today. Leaving Charles De Gaulle airport via Uber, thousands of taxi drivers protesting Uber held her car hostage for over an hour, breaking the car's windows and slashing its tires. The rioters even tried to open  the car doors. In the middle of the chaos, the 50-year-old singer tweeted: "They've ambushed our car and are holding our driver hostage. They're beating the cars with metal bats. This is France?? I'm safer in Baghdad." Finally a couple of guys on motorcycles came to the rescue, but the angry mob made sure to hurl rocks at Love until the motorcycles were able to get her to safety. Love says police saw what was happening but did nothing. For now travelers coming out of both Charles de Gaulle and Orly are advised to take a train to avoid the violence and blocked roads. For more details click here.