Mother and baby found alive in jungle 4 days after plane crash


Last Saturday a Cessna 303 plane crashed in a Columbian jungle. The pilot died, but when rescuers arrived at the scene, 18-year-old Maria Nelly Murillo and her baby son were missing. The plane's door was open, and a flip-flop was found. For three days a 14-person rescue team searched the dense jungle, and on Wednesday finally found the mother and son alive, having survived on coconut water. According to BBC:

Details of how she survived are still sketchy, but local media said she came across a couple of indigenous people who helped her. She was also able to drink coconut water from the coconuts the plane had been carrying, local media said. She reportedly heard the calls over loudspeaker from the rescue helicopter which prompted her to make her way back to the crash site.

The mother is now in the hospital being treated for burns and other injuries, but the baby was unharmed.