Crowdfunding Mayday.US developer's tuition for code camp

As a volunteer, Brian Boyko developed the Mayday.US site that helped Lawrence Lessig's Mayday.US anti-PAC raise $11M to fight campaign finance corruption, and now he wants to go to code camp.

He's pledged to pay back his tuition plus five percent in the form of a code-camp scholarship for another amateur programmer, out of the wages from his first tech job; and to volunteer 100 hours in pro-bono development time for community groups.

After completing the course and landing his first development job, Brian will start a nonprofit coding student scholarship, starting it off with 18% of his first year's salary, or 105% of the money raised and spent, whichever is larger – paying it forward to the next person. This isn't just helping Brian – it can potentially help hundreds.

Additionally, he will donate at least 100 development hours pro-bono to non-profit organizations working on reforming our broken campaign finance system in the United States.