Jeb Bush's business experience: "My daddy is the president of the United States"

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Jeb Bush is telling Americans about his business acumen. But he's leaving out the part where five of Bush's business associates have been convicted of crimes.

Here's the story about the time he reminded Nigerian officials over and over again that his dad was President, so he could land an $80 million deal for water pumps:

"My father is the president of the United States, duly elected by people that have an interest in improving ties everywhere," Bush told a group of Nigerian officials, while trying to secure an $80 million deal for water pumps financed by the federal U.S. Export-Import Bank. "The fact that you have done this today is something I will report back to him very quickly when I get back to the United States." He did, and President George H.W. Bush wrote a letter to Nigeria's president thanking him for hosting his son. MWI [the company Jeb Bush was working with] got the deal, and was later convicted on U.S. civil charges related to the Nigeria business. Jeb's speech was recorded, and The Post features it in this video on Bush's dealings:

The Washington Posts has an article that shows just how terrible a businessman Jeb Bush really is.