Pixar's chief creative officer Jon Lasseter on the evolution of storytelling


"At that time when we rendered things, everything kind of looked plastic-y," Lasseter says. "Everything looks like plastic, so what if the characters were made of plastic? What if they were… toys?'"

From Lasseter's recent presentation at "The New Audience: Moviegoing In A Connected World":


I've admired Walt Disney so much my whole life and part of it is because he entertained people like no other person in history has ever done. The way he makes you feel when you watch his movies, the way he makes you feel when go through that tunnel under the train station at Disneyland and you're transported.

It's about emotion and that connection.

Walt always said, "For every laugh, there should be a tear."
It felt like that core emotion. That became the hallmark of what we tried to do at Pixar — to do it with the new technology.

"Technology and The Evolution of Storytelling"