Play it now: Operations Calibration Droid (OCD)


You're a cute little droid being told by a beautiful computer to perform increasingly difficult, strangely-specific tasks. Each of them requires attention to detail, and you'll be deactivated if you can't manage it.

The game is Operations Calibration Droid (OCD) by Kent Sheely, and it captures the odd, incidental humor and pique in compulsion and precision (in one level you must pet chickens, but ONLY six of them and no more). It also has a good old-fashioned brutal arcade feel, and the music is particuarly excellent, inviting you into a world where you are both frustrated and compassionate at the same time.


It's simple to play, using only the arrow keys and spacebar, and looks set to receive further updates, but there's currently a free or pay-what-you-want version on