Kickstarting a 6-lens spherical 60fps VR camera

Jeffrey Martin writes, "I have been working for the last couple of years on this camera, and we have launched today on Kickstarter. It is a beautiful, small device (the size of a tennis ball) with six cameras that make a 4K-resolution, 60fps, spherical video."

We've featured many of Jeffrey's panoramae here. The cameras start at $1400.

There is currently no camera out there that comes close to this in terms of resolution and quality. We are trying to fill a large gap in the market right now – there is no easy way to create 360º video content for Oculus Rift, and similar VR headsets. We are hoping to finish development of this camera, and ship it in December 2015.

Sphericam 2, the 4K 360º Video Camera for Virtual Reality [Jeffrey Martin/Kickstarter.