Who is Shia LaBeouf plagiarizing this time: rap group Anomolies

Remember when Shia LaBeouf plagiarized a Daniel Clowes comic book story almost word-for-word and made a short film about it? When he was found out, he tweeted a series of apologies, which turned out to be plagiarized, too. I interview Clowes at Meltdown comic in Hollywood last month and I asked him for an update about his experience with the serial plagiary. Here's the video, queued up to part in the interview where he talked about it:

Clowes explained that LaBeouf had powerful "motherfucker" lawyers who would have ground Clowes into hamburger, had Clowes not had his own motherfuckers to make sure LaBeouf paid Clowes for using his work without permission.

A few days ago LaBeouf released a video demonstrating his freelance rap skills. But it didn't take long for the original lyricist to come forth:

The NY Daily News reports:

Rap group Anomolies called LaBeouf out on Instagram, claiming that his flow comes from their song "Perfectionist," which was written in 1999.

"You can't rip songs from my ANOMOLIES crew, recite them in a freestyle as your own, get credit for it, then not expect to be called out by ACTUAL MCs!" the post stated.

From Watch Loud:

At the the 2:23 mark in his video LaBeouf hushes the crowd and says "The rare commodity, the quality is what it's gotta be, and my philosophy is farther than what your eyes can see."

However, on the 1999 track "Perfectionist" you can clearly hear Helixx spit at the 45 second mark, "I recon you want more of that rare commodity/the quality is what it's gotta be/ and my philosophy is much farther than what your eyes can see."

Later on in their track you can hear the "Gas mask/last laugh" punchline as well. Listen to it below.

Shia LaBeouf pretending to be freestyle rapping:

Anomolies – Perfectionist