Casio calculator watch better than Apple Watch


According to Amazon reviewers, that is. At Recode, Lauren Goode reports on the bizarre world of the satisfied customer.

The surprising part wasn't the wide availability of these watches, but rather that sprinkled throughout the mostly positive reviews were actual comparisons to the Apple Watch.

Okay, maybe these aren't quite as crazytown as Banana Slicer reviews, or as entertaining as a gallon of milk, but still, they're enough to make Jony Ive shudder just a little bit. … with a coin battery that lasts up to two years for some wearers and its "Made in the USA" claim — can you beat it? Apparently, you cannot.

The Verge's Sam Byford posted a retrospective of the delightfully dorky databank model.

I recommend, however, the $10 Casio F-91W, the classic Terrorist Watch.