Chicago brewery renames their Donald Trump beer 'Chinga Tu Pelo' ('Fuck your hair')


A Latino-owned brewery in the Chicago area is renaming leftover beer they produced for Donald Trump, after he called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and drug dealers.

"We would be doing an injustice to the community we serve (and live in) by engaging in business with someone who does not accept our role in society and expresses a rhetoric of hate and ignorance towards us,"
said Andres Araya, co-owner of the 5 Rabbit Cerveceria brewery.

Araya told Chicago radio station WBEZ the brewery is going to stop making beer for Trump Tower's Rebar, and instead insult the orange-haired pendejo by re-christening what's left 'Fuck Your Hair.'

The 50 remaining kegs of the summer golden ale will be sold to Chicago area bars under the name "Chinga Tu Pelo."

"We are active members of this immigrant community and we need to stand up for ourselves, and more importantly, for those who do not have the voice or means to do so. The very foundation of the United States of America was built on acceptance and inclusion. That is what drew us here, and that´s what why we feel so strongly about this," Araya told WBEZ.

"As a company, an integral part of our vision reads that we are 'not only based in, but also look to promote a strong and positive image of Latin America, its heritage and people.' It would be hypocritical of us to sustain the relationship."

NBC Universal and Univision announced this week their plans to also dump Trump from television and media projects.

[via TPM]