WATCH: Patriotic fireworks safety supercut

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission just released a very dry safety video about not blowing yourself up with fireworks for the holidays, so we made a peppier patriotic supercut.

Staged on the National Mall with the Capitol Building in the background, the video hopes to reduce the estimated 10,500 fireworks injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments last year. According to their study:

Misuse included: lighting fireworks in one's hand; being too close to lit fireworks; setting
off fireworks improperly; mischief; igniting fireworks too close to someone; and
dismantling fireworks. Typical malfunctions included: errant flight paths; tip-over
incidents; early ignitions; and blowouts. In addition, debris and smoke from fireworks
were involved in some of the injuries as well.

Our video is an updated version of this video from many years ago.

Happy birthday, America! Don't blow yourself up!


CPSC 2015 Fireworks VNR [U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission/YouTube]