Haunted Mansion Graveyard Scene made from My Little Ponies

Silverband 7 executed an outstanding, spectacular rendition of Marc Davis's character-design masterpiece, the graveyard scene from the Haunted Mansion, using modded and scratch-built My Little Pony toys.

The photo is way too small, given all the detail (I hope he posts more detailed shots!), but there are a selection of solo shots of the ghost ponies in his Deviantart gallery.

He sells on Etsy, though at present, his storefront doesn't have any Haunted Mansion ponies. I've added him to my Etsy watchlist: fingers crossed for Ghost Ponies in the future!

Well I have to say that this is by far the biggest project I've made. All the Haunted Mansion stuff I've made in the past has been leading up to this emense feat. Hope you enjoy the end result as much as I am.

Mane, tails, some accessories and animals sculpted by me using Crayola Model Magic.

MLP: The Haunted Mansion – Graveyard Scene [Silverband 7/Deviant Art]

Silver Band's Custom Ponies [Etsy]

(Thanks, Pasq!)