Robotic dog pants, dribbles warm saliva, and tries to bite you

Here's some fun: "Place hand in dog's cage and hold it there for as long as you dare. Dog pants, dribbles warm saliva and other disgusting things." It's a coin-operated amusement built by Tim Hunkin, and you can see a customer trying it out in this video.

Tim Hunkin is a brilliant cartoonist, inventor, and TV show host. He wrote some great articles for me at Make magazine and I'm always happy to learn about anything he creates. In this video, we get to see Test Your Nerve and some of the other one-of-a-kind coin-operated machines Tim has built for his new-ish mechanical amusement arcade in London.


Some of the machine's at Tim's arcade:

  • MONEY LAUNDERING: Pick up cash from the gutter and deposit it in the city without the regulators spotting
  • MICROBREAK: Sit in the chair and travel on holiday, moved by the magic carpet.
  • ALIEN PROBE: Investigate the captive alien BUT try not to annoy it.
  • DIVORCE: Race to separate, then see the results.
  • PET OR MEAT: Spin the arrow and see where it lands. Then view what happens to the lamb in detail.
  • AUTOFRISK: Stand in position and let the rubber gloves give you a thorough frisk.
  • MY-NUKE: Use the remote manipulator arm to open the fuel box and load the fuel pellets into the reactor.
  • INSTANT WEIGHTLOSS: Watch weightfree nutrients prepared especially for you and then watch yourself lose weight in the mirror.
  • EXPRESSIVE PHOTOBOOTH: Sit inside and the booth activates mechanisms to provoke a wide range of expressions while taking the photos.