Kickstarting custom cellular automata scarves

Noah writes, "Fabienne Serriere, a hacker and machine knitting enthusiast, is running a Kickstarter currently for provably unique mathematical scarves modeled off of cellular automaton and made of Merino wool.

$150 gets you a custom scarf. As with all Kickstarters, you could pay and get nothing, but FBZ has a history of shipping the stuff she makes, making this a pretty good bet in my view. Caveat emptor, though, as always.

Fabienne has been instrumental in the knitting machine hacking community for as long as I can remember, and supported the hacking of Brother KH-series knitting machines. Now she's hoping to get enough money to scale up her operation from a hand cranked hacked machine from the 80s to a modern day industrial machine allowing her to make enough unique scarves for all of her backers.

The Kickstarter page is full of beautiful images of cellular automaton scarves and wraps, as well as the code that generates them (written by fabienne). I've seen some of Fabienne's works in person and they are stunning, now's your chance to have one of your very own.

KnitYak: Custom mathematical knit scarves [FBZ/Kickstarter]