L.A. plans to build massive skyscrapers over fault line


Looks like developers win again. Aw, but what do geologists know about fault lines anyway?

After a two-year battle between Millennium Hollywood developers and state geologists (as well as local residents)  over whether or not to build two mega skyscrapers in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety decided it was safe to go forward with the project. But opposing geologists don't agree.

The conclusion is markedly different from those made by state geology officials, who had analyzed previous data and said last year that an active fault slices through part of the project site, south of the Capitol Records tower.

"Our conclusion from the data is that there is an active fault, and it does run right along the course that's right along the map," state geologist John Parrish told the Times last November…

Millennium isn't denying that there's a fault line – they just don't think it's active. For more details on both sides of the controversy, click here.