Crazy and amazing unofficial Barbie fashions from the 1960s

Collectors Weekly's Ben Marks says, "Schiffer Publishing has just released 'Doll Junk: Collectible & Crazy Fashions from the ’70s & ’80s,' by Carmen Varricchio, who fills almost 200 pages with images of Barbie and Ken knockoffs and the campy fashions that manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe thought would appeal to little girls. Read the rest

Tortilla laser-etched into a record that actually plays!

Enjoy the edible lo-fi sounds of "Jarabe Tapatío," aka "The Mexican Hat Dance." Over at Instructables, learn how to make your own tortilla record! Read the rest

Curing kids of the notion that they suck at science

Can a new computer-assisted teaching program rid us of the cognitive errors that lead to students believing they suck at math or just aren’t cut out to study science? According to Ulrik Christensen, senior fellow of digital learning at McGraw-Hill Education, yes it can.

Foundry is a new company that helps makers share and learn from each other

I was so excited about Foundry that I joined its board of advisors. It's a company that help makers show off their creations, collaborate with other makers, and, eventually, get their products to market.

Foundry already has a bunch of cool projects and makers featured on its website, including a drone that follows you around and video records you, a marching desk, a laser-cut model house connected to the internet of things, and my own Monkey Couch Guardian, designed to keep pets off furniture. Read the rest

Beatbugs - facepainting plus beatboxing equals awesomeness

Fletcher Bedon, a DJ music producer from South Africa, produced and directed this video starring "two beat-boxers [Denver Turner and Anderson Chituse] and a whole lot of face paint." Below, the making of video.

Read the rest

My favorite dark chocolate: Lindt 90% cocoa

In earlier posts, I've mentioned that I don't like airplane food. When I fly I either fast or pack along macadamia nuts, applewood smoked bacon jerky, and dark chocolate. My favorite chocolate is Lindt's Excellence Supreme Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa ($(removed) for ten 3.5-ounce bars on Amazon).

It's surprisingly smooth for a high-cocoa chocolate, and a 40g serving has just 3g of sugar (by comparison, a 40g serving of a Special Dark Hershey bar has 20g of sugar).

My wife and kids prefer Lindt's 70% cocoa bar, and I'm glad because that means they don't nibble on my stash of 90s unless they are desperate for chocolate.

I've yet to try Lindt's 99% Cocoa Excellence Bar (1g of sugar per 40g serving!), mainly because gram-for-gram, it costs four times as much as the 90% bars. Read the rest

Hacking Team leak: bogus copyright takedowns and mass DEA surveillance in Colombia

Fallout from yesterday's enormous dump of internal documents from Italy's notorious Hacking Team, a cyber-arms dealer for the world's worst autocratic regimes, is just getting started. Read the rest

Foo Fighters demand bullshit terms from concert photographers

If you're a commercial photographer attending a Foo Fighters gig, you get the right to run photos of their choosing exactly once, and they get all rights to everything you've shot forevermore. Read the rest

Paula Deen apologizes for racist tweet: "It's my social media manager's fault"

Paula Deen tweeted a photo of her son wearing brownface in order to impersonate Cuban-born I Love Lucy character Ricky Ricardo, along with the words "Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin' to do!" When complaints rolled in, Deen was quick to throw her social media manager under the bus.

In a statement released to NBC News, a representative for Deen said: "Paula Deen's Social Media Manager posted a picture this morning of Paula and Bobby Deen dressed in costume as Lucy and Ricky, from I Love Lucy. This photograph is from a 2011 Halloween episode of Paula's Best Dishes."

"Paula immediately had this picture taken down as soon as she saw the post and apologizes to all who were offended," the statement said. "As such, Paula Deen Ventures has terminated their relationship with this Social Media Manager."

Deen and her brood are enjoying a comeback because Deen's core viewership doesn't seem to mind the racist statements she's made in the past:

Deen, 68, once a popular TV chef known for bathing her Southern cuisine in butter, was embroiled in scandal two years ago when she admitted in a deposition to using the N-word and once considered throwing a "plantation-style" wedding. At the height of the outrage, she lost her Food Network programs and multimillion-dollar retail deals before tearfully telling Matt Lauer on Today that she is not racist.

Deen's adult sons have a new show scheduled to begin airing soon on The Food Network, called "Southern Fried Road Trip." Read the rest

Mayor says town seal depicting white man strangling Native American is a "friendly wrestling match"

“The first thought that anyone has of this image is, "There’s some white guy killing an Indian, strangling an Indian,"?" says Cliff Matias, director of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council in Brooklyn. Apparently not Whitesboro mayor Patrick O’Connor, who intends to keep using the village seal. "It’s actually a very accurate depiction of friendly wrestling matches that took place back in those days.”

Here's the original seal (below). See how friendly the white man is?

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The International Love Ultimatum inspires DIY games about relationships

Mainstream video games tend to focus on mechanics of destruction, with far less attention paid to the mechanics of building romances, friendships and other relationships.

Best Coast: new music video for "Feeling OK"

SoCal psych-pop duo Best Coast present the video for "Feeling OK" from their bold new album California Nights. Read the rest

Anti-Stress Coloring Book – all ages can enjoy this old-school, unplugged activity

My girlfriend squeed when I pulled this book out of my bag. Apparently, this coloring-books-for-adults craze is the real thing! Adult coloring books have been around for some time now, and art has been providing comfort since there has been art. But who suspected there would be a giant, grown-up coloring fad in the year 2015? What’s behind this new trend? Are we simply so overwhelmed with the hustle of our lives that we crave more forms of meditation? Perhaps it’s merely a collective deep-seated need to make something beautiful.

At first I was skeptical and thought that the adult coloring books might be a gateway product for people who have the desire to create but don’t yet have the skills. Then I opened it up, grabbed some colored pencils, and sunk in. The House of Pain lyric, “Stay between the lines and I won’t get pulled over,” repeated in my head for a while, but I soon dropped everything from my mind and focused on which color should go in which tiny space in my psychedelic sea turtle.

There are many such books on the market now and booksellers are having problems keeping them in stock. This one is divided into two sections: Coloring and Doodling. At first I disliked that there was so much color already on many of the pages, but that also gives you a bit of a head start with a nice background. There are many large pages to play with. And the book is hefty with very thick boards holding in the pages. Read the rest

Kickstarting custom cellular automata scarves

Noah writes, "Fabienne Serriere, a hacker and machine knitting enthusiast, is running a Kickstarter currently for provably unique mathematical scarves modeled off of cellular automaton and made of Merino wool. Read the rest

49 Boxes: a most incredible shared experience

Michael Borys' magical participatory experience is art, and puzzles, and story, and music—and so much more.

Gentleman leaps onto Broadway stage to charge his iPhone

If you thought you've seen it all when it comes to iPhone rudeness and stupidity, think again. A fellow in the audience at the Booth Theater in New York had a sudden urge to charge his phone, and spotted an outlet on stage. So he jumped onto the set of Hand to God and tried to plug in his phone. But alas, the phone outlet was just a prop. Thanks for the good laugh, Mashable. Read the rest

Judge is unsure that Christian terrorist who made elaborate plans to kill US Muslims is a threat

Earlier this year Robert Doggart, a Christian minster, told an FBI informant of his plans to attack a Pennsylvania community of black Muslims. He told the informant about the explosives he was going to make and showed him his weapons, including an M-4 military assault rifle. According to Daily Beast, Doggart "had engaged in a great deal of planning, including making a detailed weapons list that included armor piercing bullets, reaching out to militia groups, and allegedly enlisting the support of nine men." Doggart even signed a plea agreement in which he "stipulated expressly that it amounted to a 'true threat.'"

Doggart was being held without bail but now a federal judge has released him because and stated that he "may not accept the guilty plea because he’s unsure if Doggart’s actions constitute a 'true threat' as required by the federal statute."

So how rare is it for a judge to reject a proposed plea deal agreed to by both the prosecutor and defendant? Seema Iyer, a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney, explained that she has only witnessed a judge do this two or three times ever in her nearly her 20 years of criminal law work.

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