Listen to the Goldeneye 007 soundtrack as it was always meant to be heard


Classic Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007 is just one of those things: if you were a certain age at a certain time, it was part of your life in some way, the object of lavish late-night dormitory marathons, or glittering in your peripheral vision as you pursued that one guy you liked.

The Grant Kirkhope tracks, inspired by the Bond source materal, are just as memorable, and now you can hear them purely: Apparently, in order to hew to tech limitations the audio had to undergo certain types of compression back in 1998, and finally an uncompressed version of all seven Kirkhope tracks is widely available thanks to YouTube game music devotees Video Game Tracks:

Compare to a compressed version here. Big thanks also to Ben Skipper of IBTimes for digging this up!