Star Trek creator's perfect comment on casting a bald captain for ST: TNG

At a press conference about Star Trek: The Next Generation, a reporter asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry about casting Patrick Stewart, commenting that "Surely by the 24th century, they would have found a cure for male pattern baldness." Gene Roddenberry had the perfect response.

"No, by the 24th century, no one will care."

Above, Stewart talks life as a bald man.

(via Reddit)


Notable Replies

  1. Some people contend that balding makes men look old. In Stewart's case it seems to have made him immortal.

    Or maybe it was all that spice he did back in the 80s.

    Bonus ageless bald man:

    In his case he had the double-luck of being an immortal in Highlander who ALSO drank from the Holy Grail.

  2. I guess he was wearing a rug in I, Claudius (can't recommend it enough!)

  3. Hollywood STILL can't get a handle on the "Patrick Stewart never ages" thing. Even going backwards they overcompensate.

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