Venomous spiders found in New Zealand grapes


If you live in New Zealand, put down the grapes. Since Friday, at least ten poisonous spiders have been spotted in imported grapes, including 5 black widows, 2 sac spiders, and 1 brown widow. One of the black widows was spotted by a childcare teacher in Wairoa, NZ.

The teacher, Aira Bremner, told The Wairoa Star she was washing a bag of Mexican red seedless grapes when she noticed a black spider tumble out and fall onto the chopping board. The spider was identified by MPI [Ministry for Primary Industries] as a black widow.

New Zealand isn't the only country finding spiders in their grapes. In early June, a man from Leamington Spa, England, found a nest of black widows in his grapes, with lots of baby spiders running around the fruit. In both cases, the grapes were imported from Mexico.