A segway/strandbeest that's powered by a hand-drill

Izzy Swan's drill-powered walking-machine uses a leg-design inspired by the wind-walking strandbeest and connects it to a ride-'em platform for the pilot.

Swan's had a lot of experience using cheap battery-powered hand-drills as the motors for improvised devices from lawnmowers to bicycles. In unrelated making news, he also created this incredible folding table, the plans for which can be purchased for $10.

After he released the video of the walking machine in action and what all went into creating it, he answered some questions about it. On Facebook he said that he estimates the battery can last for about a mile. Also, while the video only shows him using the machine, he said it can move much faster with a smaller person on it, even though it can hold up to 370lbs: "You should see this thing get down and boogie with just one of the kids on it. It moves pretty quick."

This Drill Powered Walking Machine Is like a Monster Segway
[Nicole Smith/Make]