Every item in Katamari Damacy, Tweeted


Keita Takahashi's 2004 game Katamari Damacy was an unexpectedly brilliant little playground with an inviting, absurd sense of humor. You play a tiny alien prince tasked with rolling all the world's things up into the biggest, most preposterous ball you can ("katamari" seems to mean "clump").

All the while you are lorded over by your father, the dazzling, vain and capricious King of All Cosmos, who sets a distinctive tone for the game and its world. That tone carries over to every detail of Katamari Damacy, even the little print descriptions of items you roll up, even though most players couldn't possibly read them all.

A new Twitter feed called Katamari Collection posts one item at a time from the games (at the minute they're getting through Katamari Damacy, but it looks like they plan to do its sequels too). The tiny, lovely dollhouse graphic models and their descriptions really make one appreciate the game's sense of humor and attention to detail all over again:


The person operating the feed says thanks to Twitter's poor utility as an archival tool, they'll also be attempting to keep up with a Katamari item catalogue Tumblr, which you can follow here.



(Thanks to Andy Kelly for the h/t!)