Amazing photos of jazz legends

LR-METRO-0502 Miles Davis

Photo and print dealer Limited Runs is touring a fantastic collection of jazz photos from the archives of Metronome, an influential music magazine that published from 1881 to 1961.

Miles Davis, in his autobiography, said that two of the editors were the only "white music critics in New York to be able to understand Bebop." The photos hang for three days at San Francisco's Sarah Stocking Gallery starting on July 15 before heading to Savery Gallery in Philadelphia the following week and then New York City's 360 Design Gallery in October. Above, Miles Davis by Michael Montford (1959). Below, Louis Armstrong by an unknown photographer (1940) and Billie Holiday by Robert Asen (1940).

"UNCOVERED: Metronome Jazz Photo Collection" (Limited Runs)

"See Rare Photos of the Jazz Age in San Francisco in This New Exhibit" (7×7)

Thanks, Jordan Kurland!


LR-METRO-0035 Louis Armstrong