Disney World decides to allow Sikh postman to deliver mail at resort

For seven year Disney World segregated postal carrier Gurdit Singh from visitors and other staff members because his facial hair and turban violated the resort's "Disney look" policy. But thanks to the efforts of the ACLU and the Sikh Coalition, Disney has decided its a small world, after all.

In a letter to Disney, Sikh Coalition and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the segregation relegated Singh to a mail route that had a greater workload than other routes.

It created animosity among his co-workers because he could not assist in operating other routes and it precluded his opportunities for professional advancement.

Following the intervention by Sikh Coalition and ACLU, Walt Disney World finally reversed its decision and granted Singh a religious accommodation.

Singh will no longer be kept hidden from public view of Disney visitors because of his turban and beard, and he will be permitted to run all mail routes just like every other mail carrier, Sikh Coalition said.