Kickstarting, the scratch-built keyboard

Jesse Vincent has productized the scratch-built split keyboard he built and is kickstarting a production run.

I tested out a prototype and found it beautifully built. $300 gets you an assembled keyboard of your own, set in two blocks of polished maple. You can view a Model 01 at one of 23 cities around Canada and the USA.

The Model 01 is the best keyboard we can make. It's not like other keyboards. We mill the Model 01's enclosure from two blocks of solid maple that are a joy to rest your hands on. Instead of shallow, uncomfortable keyswitches, we use gloriously tactile mechanical keyswitches similar to those found in the original Apple II. We've custom-sculpted each of the 64 individual keycaps on the Model 01 to gently guide your fingers to the right keys. After putting it all together, the result is a keyboard that is a pleasure to type on all day and all night.

We think you're going to love it. We've come to Kickstarter to raise money for our first production run. With your help, we can deliver you an amazing keyboard that you'll enjoy typing on for years. We're absolutely thrilled to be here and we hope you'll join us.
The right keyboard is, of course, an incredibly personal thing. We'd love to let you meet the Model 01 and try it out in person, so we're doing something a little bit crazy. During the campaign, we are bringing the Model 01 to meetups in 23 cities across the US and Canada.

The Model 01: an heirloom-grade keyboard for serious typists [Keyboardio/Kickstarter]

Kickstarter on June 15. Then a 23 city roadshow [Keyboardio]